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I'm making a game called Slime Farm, similar to Monster Rancher on GBA. I don't think my spriting skills are up to par with a releasable game so I'm looking for a 2d Spriter.

What's required:
36 Sprites at 54x54 with 3 "Stages" as the food is consumed. E.g Iron Bar, Rusted bar, Almost gone rusted bar. So 3 frames for all 36 sprites.

Food items needed:  Banana, Pebble, Book, Leaf, Carrot, Bread, Copper Ring, Wizard’s Beard, Curry, Icecube, Blanket, Liver,  Iron Bar, Rock Brain, Feather, Eyeball, Heart, Barbell, Cats Tail, Chilli, Icecream,  Sword, Diamond, Wizard Hat, Batwing, Magic Eye, Health Potion, Tin Can + 7 others (your choice).

Possible extras:
2 frame animated Slimes - the more the merrier but at least 21, named as follows:

Slimes:  (120x70 roughly) Green, Blue, Fire, Ice, Electrical, Blood, Cyan, Mexican, Cool, Cold Fire, Ice Cold, Wizard, Royal, Water, Lady, Robot, Witch, Dragon, Sugar Skull, Chollo, Rainbow.

Eyes/Mouth: 2 frame animations with variations on "Normal" "Happy" "Sad".

Animated Buttons: 128x64 (just one for now). The sprite is used many times, with different writing on each. Possibly looking at icons to replace text.

Backgrounds: 640x480 Multiple Arena's (think Fantasy Roman), Farm, Town, Shop, Storage (for freezing slimes for breeding).

Battle animations/sprites: I haven't made any of these yet apart from the Buff/Debuff icons. There's over 100 different skills that slimes can use.

There's potentially a lot of work for the right person/artist. I want the game to have the same artistic feel throughout so I would like to use the same person for everything. Could be worth having a chat to see what we can work out as this is the first time I'm hiring an artist.

Easiest way to get hold of me is probably on steam: "RandomDude/SDu"


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Rob G
United Kingdom
Long time gamer, musician.

Part time game designer. Aiming to turn this hobby into a success.


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